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Use Cases

Usage Analytics Of Roads & Public Spaces

We help architects, road engineers, transport authorities, city planners with their decision making.

01. Junction Analysis via OD Matrices
02. Traffic Counts & Turning Ratios
03. Black Spot Analysis
04. Active Mobility vs Vehicle Use
05. Waiting Time At Bus Stops
06. Bike Lane Use/Misuse
07. Pedestrian Crossing Use/Misuse
08. Lane Change Analysis

Violation Detection (for enforcement)

We help of transport authorities to enforce the highway code by identifying violations and triggering the process of fines.

09. Overspeeding Detection
10. Abnormal Driving Behaviour
11. Jaywalking Detection
12. Opposite Lane Incursion
13. Illegal U-Turns
14. Wrong Way Driving
15. Stop Sign Violations
16. No Stopping / No Waiting Violations
17. Parking Violations
18. Vehicles On Bus Lane / Bus Stop

Real-Time Alerts (for the transport control rooms)

We help of transport authorities and emergency services to detect important scenarios automatically. 

19. Traffic Jam Detection
20. Road Crash Detection

Traffic video analytics for better road safety .

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