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AI Traffic Video Analytics For Smart Cities

We empower urban planners with the insights they need to take informed decisions when optimising transport networks and urban infrastructure. Our solutions link into the core stages of every urban mobility project - the conversion of traffic data collection into real-time traffic monitoring, traffic control, road safety and parking solutions for smart cities.


Solutions For...

Road Safety

Nothing is more precious than life. Our solutions enable you to effortlessly gather mixed mobility data from junctions and busy areas to identify factors that increase the likelihood of accidents and to take informed decisions on whether you need to reduce speeds, redistribute road space and run safety campaigns.

Traffic Impact Assessments

Urban planners and road engineers can now have detailed analytics of vehicles and pedestrian movements allowing them to compile better Traffic Impact Assessment reports.

Urban Design Of Roads
& Public Spaces

Uncover information about human and vehicular movement, identify and justify the optimal location for Green Spaces and Community Areas. To design a city on people’s needs. Urban planners and engineers can now have a clear picture of people and traffic movements, allowing them to focus on solutions to fully utilise existing infrastructure, efficiently and reducing waste.

Traffic Flow Modelling & Simulation

There is no need for guesswork to get to detailed users behavior. With our solution you can obtain reliable information about road usage, speed, traffic flow, vehicles behavior, traffic directions, congestion causes, and you’re ready to import then in your favourite traffic modelling and simulation software.for 


Police officers and wardens can monitor hot spot area around train stations, airports, government buildings, public spaces and commercial centers, in order to automatically detect violations and potential threats.

Traffic Management Centers &
Control Rooms

From reporting on hazards and faults, to responsively delivering real-time network management strategies, in order to ensure traffic safety and flow.

Easy To Use - Affordable - Accurate

Junction Analytics

Abnormal Driving Behaviour

Jaywalking Detection

Traffic Counts & Turning Ratios

Traffic Jam Detection

Bicycle Lane Usage


Waiting Time At Bus Stops

Traffic video analytics for better road safety .

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