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Our Mission

Greenroads was set up to reduce the environmental impact of transportation by leveraging AI and big data analytics.

Using computer vision and data analysis Greenroads can help collect information on roads and open spaces from existing infrastructure to help create planning insights. With a normal camera, Greenroads can detect and track different types of vehicles and pedestrians, and understand where they are going and at what speed. Clients can view dashboards, reports, heatmaps, trajectories of vehicles and pedestrians, origin destination matrices and have full self-service control on their camera feeds. Data can also be exported for further analysis and simulations of future scenarios.

This smart city technology and resulting GDPR compliant data enables urban planners to develop more livable spaces that optimise the use of space by various modes and prioritise active modes of transport including, new pedestrian crossings, low emission zones or effective design of bicycle routes.

Our vision is






mobility that enhances the quality of life of its citizens.

Traffic video analytics for better road safety .

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