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We provide a wide array of services that range from assistance for road planning using simulations and forecasting models to traffic management flow through the use of data for analysis and visualisation. Our consulting and research services can also help our clients to develop a smart and sustainable mobility strategy.

Combining the knowledge, expertise with technological insights and capabilities we can deliver services and solutions that will help to solve the complex and diverse challenges of mobility and will pave the way for more liveable cities.

Our expertise and advanced solutions and services enable us to offer optimized solutions tailored for the needs of transport authorities and city planners.

Real-time traffic visualization

Real-time vehicle monitoring & traffic visualisation


Do you need to quickly and easily monitor and analyse traffic data?

Greenroads provides a solution that monitors mobility modes and trajectories from existing cameras using artificial intelligence and the application of machine learning and computer vision. Our solution includes an architecture of edge, fog and cloud setup that converts even old legacy cameras into cutting edge road sensors.


Collecting real-time, reliable and precise information is crucial for urban traffic management. Our solution allows historical or real time traffic visualisation on an intuitive dashboard with useful insights including heat maps and turning ratios intended to assist road and transportation engineers as well as urban planners.

Traffic simulation & forecasting


Greenroads can build simulations and forecasting models to offer valuable insights for road planning.

The pressing need to avoid congestion while at the same time traffic grows and cities have to meet with the environmental requirement makes road infrastructure and mobility planning an ongoing challenge.

For planners needing to make changes to the road network and to understand it is necessary to forecast the effects on traffic flow or to prioritize projects for transportation improvement programs. Greenroads simulations and forecasting enable traffic flow simulation with the power to deliver the most efficient road traffic engineering and design.

Our approach allows you to model transportation needs and understand the impact of sustainable travel initiatives. 

Traffic simulation & forecasting

Systems integration


We can assist in combining and harmonising a range of data sources from multiple sensors or third party mobility operators across different mobility standards. We help policy makers to deliver policies that incentivise active travel and public transport use.

In the age of big data, multimodal integration offers local authorities, cities, and municipalities the opportunity to have more data sovereignty. Data can help optimise multiple modes of transport, minimise congestion, and improve air quality.


We can help our clients to combine the use of technology with existing transport and infrastructure to achieve their goals. Decongesting cities by optimising urban mobility will bring social, economic and environmental benefits, to which we aim to contribute.

Systems integration

Transport consultancy


Combining sector-specific knowledge and business insight with technological capability, Greenroads provides consulting and research services for questions around traffic and mobility. We offer individually tailored solutions, from road safety analysis to smart city strategies. Our passion for those topics and for solving complex and diverse mobility problems guarantee top-notch service and execution.

Greenroads provides a full range of services, including traffic impact analysis and simulations and many other traffic related services, such as real-time traffic visualisation.

Transport Consultancy

Research & development


A deeper understanding of traffic flow patterns allows cities to make smarter traffic infrastructure decisions and equip decision-makers with the accurate data to plan better transportation and infrastructure.

Leveraging our expertise in deep tech, AI, and transport, we can help identify which technology offers an optimum mix of new possibilities and applications for safe, inclusive, and efficient transportation whilst minimising greenhouse gas emissions, improving air quality, and reducing congestion.

Research (Future Mobility)

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