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Mobility is an essential part of life however growing urbanization car dependence with the inevitable traffic congestion with its consequences on air quality and the impact of climate change are creating considerable challenges in terms of mobility.

Our purpose at GreenRoads is to facilitate transportation and mobility solutions that can improve safety, optimise travel, reduce private vehicle dependence and help cities to encourage alternative ways of transport. We are committed to reduce the environmental impact of transportation offering solutions that strive for more efficient ways to move levering in new technologies like AI, big data and computer vision.

Our vision is smart, efficient, safe, sustainable and clean mobility that enhances the quality of life of its citizens.

Our Team

Our Team

We are a mix of business, transport and technology experts that are shaping the future of sustainable mobility. With a passion for solutions for environmental and congestion problems and committed to achieve our joint vision of clean air in towns and responsible, proactive society, our specialists also fit together perfectly in terms of their areas of expertise in science, innovation and entrepreneurship. With such a unique combination of skills, we strive create long-term value: better quality of life and make the world a better place.

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Claire Cianco, CEO

Claire has a mixed academic background of social sciences and entrepreneurship coupled with experience of sales and marketing in IT businesses. She handles strategy,  planning, management and administration as part of her day to day role in the company  and drives the company vision in line with environmental sustainability. 

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Louis Borg, Commercial Director | +356 7980 8086

Ing. Louis Borg is the  Commercial Director for Greenroads Limited. He is a practical dreamer and engineer with numerous patents and entrepreneurial experiences. He is a circular economy expert, government consultant, and esteemed local environmental sustainability visionary and environmental services consultant.  His forward looking and energy help drive the team to deep commercial applications that attract indispensable end user engagement.


Johan Zammit, CTO | +356 9985 3658

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Kenneth Scerri, Transport Tech

Johan has a passion for innovation and sharing of ideas coupled with a 20-year track record in software engineering, AI, and IOT. He manages the technical team at Greenroads and handles the development  of our core product and technologies. 

Dr. Kenneth Scerri is the Transport and technology expert for Greenroads Kenneth holds a Bachelor's Degrees in Electrical Engineering, a Masters degree in System Engineering and a Doctoral Degree in System Modelling His interests include urban transportation systems, temporal and spatio-temporal modelling, system optimisation,machine learning,IoT and data science solutions. He has admirable deep technical dept and a level of practicality which are essential for commercial applications.

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Adrian Muscat, Chief of R&D

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André Xuereb, CSO & DPO | +356 7909 2662

Prof. Adrian Muscat is the Transport Solutions Architect for Greenroads Limited. He received his Ph.D. in Electronics Engineering and M.Sc. Degree in RF and Microwave Engineering and the B.Sc. degree in Electrical Engineering.. His research interests are in machine learning and pattern recognition models applied to Image Understanding, with special emphasis on semantic relations in images, in transport and in industrial settings. Adrian is the person who best knows the products’ technology and is the most technically savvy member on the core team.

Prof. André Xuereb is the Chief Scientific Officer and the Data Protection Officer of Greenroads Limited. He read for an undergraduate degree in mathematics and physics, a PhD in theoretical physics, and a master degree in entrepreneurship. André sees the bigger picture, envisions what the world would be like with our products, and understands the challenges standing in the way.

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