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Looking for an experienced sales leader with a proven track record in International sales. Someone with an open, direct, no-nonsense mentality. Must be an energetic and independent self-starter who excels in the start-up environment. Ideal specialties:  Lad drafting of Marketing strategy and content, Sales Planning, Business Development, Strategic Account negotiation, People Management, Training and Development, User Engagement, Usage and adoption, Onboarding and Retention

We are one of the few local companies which have been awarded H2020 and the European institute of technology urban mobility funding. This presents an opportunity to work with larger tech players in Europe and leading European research institutes and universities. As a high tech, high growth company, we have also qualified under the seed investment scheme.


Our core team is based in Malta and we are open to fully remote work with very flexible work arrangements. Interested? Could we be a match made in heaven? Send us your CV at rockstar (at) detailing your relevant experience.

Work arrangements

Flexible Work or a hybrid workspace model has been on our agenda since day one.
We all choose our preferred option or work arrangement. This flexibility applies to both time and location.

A number of our employees have always worked from home and continue to prefer doing so.
We will continue on this flexible work model post COVID  We have a workspace at the university of Malta with whom we also have a signed MOU through the Knowledge Transfer Office. This campus bubbling with life and knowledge makes for an ideal base to work when needed or to hold face to face team meetings.

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