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Greenroads is constantly looking for a  individuals interested in long term career growth. This is a unique opportunity to be a key person in an innovative team with a mix of business, transport and technology experts that are shaping the future of mobility. Together we are building an environmentally conscious and sustainable business. Being with us from the beginning will present great opportunities for anyone who sticks around long enough:)  Remuneration is tied with ability and experience and may include a mix of wages and other opportunities. Apply at rockstar (at)
Administrative /Manager/ Leader (Part time in Malta with 50% remote)


Greenroads is seeking a part time trustworthy Administrative Clerk/ Manager/ Leader. A self-starter, who is well organized, has good communication skills, is good with google workspace, comfortable with numbers and can be on top of things. Ideally technically savvy, good with Project Management and finance or marketing experience. 


Responsibilities may include:

  • record the company administrative processes and document changes

  • collating invoices and relevant information for accounts and audits

  • procurement such as gathering of quotations

  • organize/ reschedule meetings with shareholders/employees/ stakeholder/ clients etc

  • book meeting rooms

  • organize in person working days 

  • prepare timesheets

  • prepare brochures or marketing content

  • follow up on emails

  • update of company website /confluence

  • publish vacancies, schedule interviews

  • ensure employee details are up to date/ handle renewals

  • carry out employee administrative induction(signed contracts, office access, internet, parking. etc...)

  • register for events/ opportunities

  • organize company events for staff and outreach

  • book flights, insurance and accommodation as may be required

  • approval of leave and adding to company calendar     

  • assist the company owners, officers & operatives as maybe required

  • reconciling bank statements

  • update cash flow forecasts 

  • payroll

  • issue payments

  • liaise with bank

  • updating payment details for suppliers 

  • establish contact with potential partners clients

  • due diligence and other administrative compliance as may be required

  • update company social media channels

Relevant software and company tools(optional) : WIX, Slack, Gmail, Google workspace, Confluence, Buddy, Xero


Frontend Developer/ Dashboard Manager (Full Time - fully remote)

You will be responsible for further transforming the prototype design of our platform into a fully working frontend.

The following key skills and experience is required:

Proven experience developing responsive web applications.

Experience with Dashboarding 

Experience with BI/Reporting platforms

Ability to translate a UI/UX design into actual front-end code

Other important skills and experience include:

Proficiency with HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript (and its frameworks like  React)

Experience with mobile-first interfaces

Knowledge of querying databases (PostgresDb) and restful APIs and visualising the query result on the front-end.

Sensitivity to usability issues and the ability to create user interfaces that are seamless to the end user

Work arrangements

Flexible Work or a hybrid workspace model has been on our agenda since day one.
We all choose our preferred option or work arrangement. This flexibility applies to both time and location.

A number of our employees have always worked from home and continue to prefer doing so.
We will continue on this flexible work model post COVID  We have a workspace at the university of Malta with whom we also have a signed MOU through the Knowledge Transfer Office. This campus bubbling with life and knowledge makes for an ideal base to work when needed or to hold face to face team meetings.

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Want to know more?

We are here to collaborate and assist. Get in touch by phone, email, or social media!

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